Friday, October 05, 2007


It is still up in the air as to who the starting quarterback will be tomorrow. My guess is that Chris Turner will be under center at kickoff. If Steffy has a legitimate concussion I think it would be slightly irresponsible to play him anyway. John Tenuta's aggressive blitzing style will test Turner much more than Rutgers. My guess is he won't look quite so good after that. Recall Turner threw two interceptions on six attempts against Villanova. I like Turner, as you may recall I felt he might challenge both Steffy and Portis for the starting job, but he still has much to prove. Note Steffy is still listed as the starter on the depth chart.

Linebacker Erin Henderson looks doubtful for the game against Georgia Tech with a knee injury. That would be a huge blow to the defense. Adrian Moten or Rick Costa may fill his place.

The Yellowjackets will be motivated. At 1-2 in the ACC they cannot afford to drop another game and still challenge for a Coastal Division title with Virginia, Virginia Tech and Miami all undefeated in conference.

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