Thursday, October 25, 2007

Steffy healing, Navy comes around

Quarterback Jordan Steffy has been cleared to practice again and you can expect to see him this weekend against Clemson. With the offense struggling badly I wouldn't be surprised if Friedgen made another switch at QB even though he has stuck with inconsistent quarterbacks in the past. The increased concussion risk has put Steffy's career in serious jeopardy and with the way the offensive line is crumbling I wouldn't put much faith in him finishing out the season. Until the playcalling starts improving it doesn't much matter who is under center for the Terps.

The latest victim of injury for Maryland was DE Mack Frost. He injured his knee in the Virginia game and will miss the rest of the season. With Barrod Heggs flunking off the team and Frost now lost for the year the defense has no real pass rush ability from its defensive ends. That is really bad news because all five of Maryland's remaining opponents place among the top six in passing yards in the ACC. The next three opponents also rank 1 through 3 in passing efficiency in the league.

Navy and Maryland agreed to play another game in Baltimore in 2010. Navy AD Chet Gladchuck finally got over his hissy fit that Maryland decided to play in a more prestigious bowl game instead of playing Navy in the Meineke Car Care Bowl. The game will be played in the Baltimore Raven's stadium and will likely generate $1.4 million for each school. We all know it was that big payday that got these two sides together considering this game could produce anywhere from 10-15% of each football program's revenue for that season. It will be a good game for the state of Maryland and for the fans of both teams.

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