Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Emerald Bowl bound

Maryland accepted an invitation to play in the Emerald Bowl against Oregon State on December 28th on ESPN. The Beavers were not all that happy with the selection as they felt as the winner of the "Civil War" game against Oregon that they should have gotten an invitation to the Sun Bowl in San Diego. The officials there, in another example of why the bowl system is a failed venture, decided that since Oregon State had played there last season they wanted a different team. They selected Oregon instead even though the Ducks have lost three straight since their QB went down with a knee injury.

At least the Beaver's staff was honest when they said they really didn't know much about the Terrapins. Oregon State center Kyle DeVan went so far as to claim he didn't even know where Maryland was on a map, let's hope he was being facetious. I think Oregon State is a worthy opponent and it will be nice to play a Pac-10 team before the series against California starts next season. Stewart Mandel of pointed out that the last two coaches to lose the Emerald Bowl got fired in the last few weeks.

In other news Erin Henderson will test the NFL draft waters. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. He has some injury concerns but he is an NFL caliber player. His brother EJ only stayed at Maryland for his senior year because of a back injury. I think it is likely that Henderson will declare for the draft after the bowl game unless he also has some significant injury issue. Maryland's depth at linebacker probably means that the departure of Henderson won't be a crippling blow. Finding a new defensive coordinator is a bigger concern.

Sophomore wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey indicated that he isn't even considering declaring for the draft. Great news for Maryland fans even if it is a little surprising.

Guard Jamie Thomas has a slim chance to play in the bowl game after breaking his leg earlier in the year.

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Anonymous said...

How good is Oregon State? They got waxed (sorry) by Cincy, a perfectly ordinary team as it turned out. They beat Cal before everyone realized how disappointing Cal was. And in the Oregon Ugly Uniform Bowl, beat a Ducks team that has been in a death spiral. However, I guess similar comments can be made about the uneven performance of the Terps this year. Let's hope the team that beat BC shows up.