Thursday, December 13, 2007

Terps flat in loss to Bobcats

The loss to Ohio last night was one of those games you could say very little about or discuss for about 10 days. Even as I type I'm not sure which way I intend to go with this story. Putting aside how this team lost for a moment this is a game that should certainly change the prism that Maryland fans view this team through for the rest of the year. I think we can put aside discussions about making the NCAA tournament or finishing in the upper half of the ACC for the time being. Maybe the team will play well enough in the next month to make those discussions relevant again but right now this team isn't playing at a level that makes either of those things possible.

This game demonstrated that the struggles against Hampton and Northeastern were not flukes. Those games are a closer reflection the skill of this team currently. They may get better by January (and it might not matter at that point) or they may not. They could be similar to Wake Forest last season that had Kyle Visser and a bunch of wing players who could not sink a shot. That team went 5-11 in the ACC and it seems like that might be where Maryland is headed. Perhaps I'm being pessimistic but with five losses already and only the third non-conference home loss in the regular season under Gary Williams I think it is about time to view this group with a skeptical eye. There is little reason to assume that things will just come together as most fans do every year with this team. Seniors James Gist and Bambale Osby can't carry this team, the sophomores seem to have regressed and the freshman class is devoid of impact players. Maybe the new pups will play better later in the season but there is no one that can help this team now in any significant way. I'd say things are as bleak as they have been since I was at Maryland almost 15 years ago.

After losing in convincing fashion to a solid, but not great, Ohio team you have to conclude that this team will have to battle tooth and nail to gets wins against every quality opponent. There is no longer to excuse that the Terps have only lost to good teams. UMass went to Boston College the other night and beat the Eagles on their home floor which takes a little away from the dignity of that loss the other night. The loss to Ohio removes all the room for equivocation about the level of play this squad has shown so far this season. It is one thing to lose to a national title contender on a neutral floor but it is another to lose to a MAC team on your home floor.

More about the game later...

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