Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gist ACC player of week

James Gist earned ACC player of the week mostly based off his 22 point 13 rebound performance against North Carolina. It was the first time the talented senior has ever earned that honor. In four ACC games Gist is averaging 16.5 points and 9.8 rebounds per contest. He had a very good overall game on Saturday. He was aggressive in going to the basket a number of times, had a very nice floor game and played very good defense. He still settles for too many fade away jump shots but he is getting better at not settling for the first opportunity he is presented. He worked for a better shot on most of his possessions. He had a great entry pass to Bambale Osby on the game winning score. Danny Green had to switch and Tyler Hansbrough came out to guard against Gist who can hit shots from outside. Osby's finish may not have been pretty but the execution of the high screens was fantastic on that deciding play. Gist also showed some more presence on the floor as a leader. He had talked about being a senior leader in the media but had not really shown the steadying influence he needed to when Maryland was struggling. A number of times in the closing minutes of the game Gist huddled the team together and barked out instructions. He helped Greivis Vasquez maintain his poise and run the offense. Considering the atmosphere and opponent it was the most complete game of his career and it could not have come at a more desperate time.

A week before Gist had a chance to score the winning basket against Virginia Tech and had it slapped away by Deron Washington. The Terps ended up losing a game to a sad Virginia Tech team that they should have beaten. Against North Carolina Gist would not be denied. He grabbed a defensive rebound in the last minute and then sunk two free throws after Danny Green fouled him. He also got the assist to Boom Osby on the game winning basket I mentioned earlier. Let's hope this is a sign that James realizes his career is coming to an end and that he wants to make sure he leaves on a high note.

A good article from Seth Davis on Gary Williams and the way he loves to handle his teams.

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