Thursday, January 10, 2008

Headed for a fall?

What teams in the ACC have fattened up on cream puffs and which have toughened themselves with some meaty opponents in their early schedule? It could indicate who will surge in ACC play and who will spiral down like Clemson did last season.

From Ken Pomeroy here is a list of the strength of schedule of out of conference opponents for some ACC squads.

The Meat Eaters
44. North Carolina
53. Georgia Tech
86. Florida State
95. Duke

The Cream Puffs
256. Miami
236. Wake Forest
175. NC State
151. Virginia

In case you're wondering Maryland's number was 101 which is 5th in the conference behind Duke. It could suggest that the Yellow Jackets and Seminoles are better than people might think while Miami and Wake Forest are being overrated based on their records. Of all those teams Miami is probably primed for the worst fall. The Hurricanes escaped with some close wins against Providence, Mississippi State and VCU early in the season but the loss to Winthrop exposed some glaring flaws in Miami. We'll find out soon enough as Miami faces North Carolina and Clemson at home with road games at Boston College and NC State in their first five ACC games. I see Miami as a 7-9 kind of team.

We'll also learn how good Wake Forest really is as they have four road games out of their next six in the league play. They face road tests at Boston College, Clemson, NC State and Maryland while hosting Miami and FSU. The Deacons have not played a road game since losing to Georgia by 22 in early December.

NC State has struggled against Western Carolina and Presbyterian recently and both those teams are over 300 in the RPI. The loss of their point guard may have put the final nail in their NCAA coffin. So much for Gavin Grant's preseason prediction. They are looking like a 5-11 level team right now.

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freestater said...

Your point is certainly made as to UVA. They have looked terrible in conference play so far.