Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thoughts on recruiting talent

An article in the Raleigh News & Observer caught my eye. The published their "Talent Index" based off of the recruiting rankings of longtime analyst Dave Telep who works for evaluating high school players. Their point system is certainly flawed (10 points for a top 10 player, 9 points for 11-20 and so on) but it gives a ball park indication of who gets the most big time recruits.

No surprise that Duke and North Carolina are at the top of the list. Throw in NC State (this is a North Carolina newspaper)and you have a tobacco road top three. Then it gets more interesting as it shows that FSU's Leonard Hamilton brings in good recruits, or at least those that grab decent rankings, but can't seem to coach them well. Paul Hewitt is also an excellent recruiter but his Georgia Tech teams have struggled recently. Most of the Wolfpack players on the list were brought in by Herb Sendeck and after JJ Hickson the recruiting returns haven't been so stellar for Sidney Lowe.

Maryland is tied for 9th with Miami and the only players that made the list were James Gist, Braxton Dupree and Eric Hayes. Interestingly only Gist is probably in the top 3 players on Maryland's team at the moment. Greivis Vasquez wasn't even ranked and Boom Osby came from the junior college ranks. It goes to show what an inexact sience rating 17 year olds really can be for analysts. Note that Boston College under Al Skinner is ranked last in the ACC. He and Williams are able to bring in players that others don't think highly of and make them more productive than highly regarded players at other programs.

Having said that it always helps to get the most talented players you can find. The addition of Sean Mosley and Gus Gilchrist next year will push Maryland up a little in this ranking.

Gilchrist Update
On his radio show last night Gary Williams said that Gus Gilchrist would be eligible to play second semester next year but also indicated that the ACC determination he should lose an extra semester "could change" so that is something to keep an eye on for Maryland fans. Getting Gilchrist at the start of next season would be a huge advantage.


homertuck said...

Do you know why the ACC made that ruling at all? Why couldn't he play this year if he wanted? He never signed a letter of commitment with Va-Tech so I just don't understand why he's losing a year, maybe year and a half of eligibility.

Also, I read your blog religiously. I wish you worked for ESPN or the Baltimore Sun/Washington Post because they way you break down games is unlike any writer I've read. And its nice that you do the offense and defense ratings.

Keep up the great work!

Esquire said...

Thanks for the comments. I certainly wouldn't mind covering something I enjoy so much for a living, but at heart I am fan first. I just try t be credible with my opinions.

The ACC has their own rule about these kinds of transfers. Gilchrist did sign a letter-of-intent so those rules applied to him. I don't agree with it. Gilchrist is already missing a year this season so taking away another year based on when he enrolled seems merely punitive to me. Let's hope something changes.