Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Down draft day

The 2008 NFL draft wasn't friendly to many former Maryland players. Only DT Dre Moore was selected, in the fourth round, and a couple of players with injury concerns dropped out of the draft completely. Guard Andrew Crummey and LB Erin Henderson were graded as high as third round picks at one point but teams ran away from them after they were hampered by leg injuries this past season. It was probably most disappointing for Henderson who entered the draft as a junior. The last report was that he would join his brother in Minnesota and sign a free agent contract with the Vikings.

Crummey will travel to San Diego and compete for a roster spot on the Chargers. Other Terrapin's who signed free agent deals:

Joey Haynos (Green Bay)
Isaiah Gardner (Jacksonville)
Keon Lattimore (Dallas)
Carlos Feliciano (New England)

Of that group Haynos may have the most interesting situation. The Packers cut TE Bubba Franks earlier in the off season and have only two tight ends on the roster right now. They drafted Texas tight end Jermichael Finley in the third round but Finley is immature and a hit or miss kind of prospect. The staff at Texas was surprised he left early for the NFL. Haynos has a good chance to make an impact there if he works hard.

Basketball News
It was a busy week for Gary Williams. On Monday Greivis Vasquez declined to enter the 2008 NBA draft and will certainly return to lead the Terrapins this fall. It is great news for Maryland fans because Vasquez can enter the draft next year and still come back and he won't be distracted by the predraft camps this spring. He can use that time to get to know some of his new teammates in Sean Mosley and Tyree Evans.

Freshman Shane Walker announced he will transfer to a program to be decided. He was probably the third or fourth big man off the bench as a freshman last season and only took 10 field goals in 128 minutes of play. Walker did have some potential as an athletic, shot blocking big man but was very raw and was unlikely to become an effective ACC front court player. If the staff can continue recruiting players like Donte Taylor to fill some of the interior needs then the team will be better off in the long run. The front court will be somewhat thin next fall until Gus Gilchrist is eligible in December. Gary Williams will have to make due with Braxton Dupree, Jerome Burney, Dino Gregory and Dave Neal in the mean time. That isn't exactly an impressive collection of interior players but Maryland will have enough wings to play three guards and perhaps shift Landon Milbourne to power forward.

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Anonymous said...

Your effort to blame AD Yow for the inexcusable recruitment of a five-times-arrested felon is way out there. She should be congratulated for standing up for the integrity of the institution in whatever way she was able to do so. End of story. We do not need to attemt to make up for recent, fairly serious deficiencies in recruiting with such unsupportable efforts by the bb staff...indeed, it was unsupported by the faculty, female students, the entire university administration and proud alumni.

Therefore, your baseless attemt to spin this off on the athletic dept is not believable by discerning adult readers, not now, not in the future.