Sunday, April 06, 2008

NABC All-Star game

James Gist went out in a fitting way in the NABC College All-Star game the other night. He scored 9 points on 3/8 shooting with 5 rebounds in 18 minutes of play before fouling out of the game. His team, the "American" squad, lost to the "National" squad 106-100 not that the final score means much. Gist clearly struggled at the end of the year and certainly hurt his draft prospects. Right now he probably needs a strong showing at the pre-draft camps to solidify his late 2nd round status. Where he goes, if he gets drafted, may be influenced by how many of the underclassmen decide to declare for the draft in the next month. The decisions of players like JJ Hickson, Donte Green, Ty Lawson and other underclassmen who may return to college would certainly take spots from seniors like Gist.

North Carolina bowed out of the Final Four last night after Kansas jumped out to an large early lead. The Tar Heels would have had a good chance in the game had they not spotted Kansas such a large lead. Kansas is more balanced and versatile on offense than any team North Carolina played all season and the Tar Heels inability to get defensive stops when they needed them doomed their championship chances. Tyler Hansbrough seemed frustrated by the aggressive and long defenders that Kansas threw at him all night. I would be surprised if he left for the NBA after this season and will likely return as the reigning ACC player of the year. If Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington return then Carolina should clearly be the best team in the conference next season. It looks like Deon Thompson and Alex Stephenson are unable to provide a credible alternative to Hansbrough but Carolina has some freshmen bigs coming in that may give Roy Williams more options in the low post. Add in the return of Bobby Frasor and Carolina should be head a shoulders above the rest of the ACC next season, again.

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