Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Terps awaiting draft

Several Maryland players are waiting to see if they get drafted in the first day of the NFL draft. The NFL has moved the third round to Sunday and the first two rounds to Saturday at 3pm. The only two players who have a realistic chance of making it into the first two rounds are DT Dre Moore and LB Erin Henderson. Right now Moore seems to have a better shot of being taken in the late 2nd round than Henderson. Initially Henderson, who declared as a junior, was seen as the better prospect but according to the latest draft rumors he has been falling down the draft boards of teams that may need a linebacker. Some ratings even have him plummeting to as low as the 5th round behind less productive players at his position like Xavier Adibi and Philip Wheeler. The concerns mostly stem from the health of his knees and questions about his toughness. He is a little undersized and his various injuries should concern most teams but I don't think there is any question that his instincts and toughness are as good as any linebacker in the draft. If he falls to the fourth round some team will get a steal. My guess is that Henderson just didn't get along with defensive coordinator Chris Cosh and decided to leave the team early even though he may have benefited from staying at Maryland another season.

Dre Moore is projected as a 3/4 round pick in a weak DT class. Moore has a prototypical body for a NFL defensive tackle but his passion and dedication are questionable. His production against better opponents wasn't always consistent.

Guard Andrew Crummey has a significant injury issue that may scare off many teams. He was unable to conduct workouts this spring. It will probably result in him sliding to the 5th or 6th round but some team may get great value from his at that point in the draft. He is a gamble with his history of injuries.

Corner Isaiah Gardner and tight end Joey Haynos also have a chance to be drafted at the end of Sunday in perhaps the 6th or 7th rounds.

Any other eligible Terrapins are probably undrafted free agent material. It is a fairly weak crop at the top of the draft for this class of Terps but there could be decent depth if Haynos and Gardner get drafted.


Anonymous said...

Keon Lattimore already signed with a team, most people that read this probably won't be happy about, it... It's the Cowboys.

But I heard on ESPN today that there's a good chance Erin will sign with the Vikings, which is where I really wanted to see him go. Having him and EJ on the field working together at Outside and Inside LB would be amazing.

Esquire said...

I really didn't think Lattimore was a good NFL prospect but if he is willing to be a special teams demon and third string RB he might catch on. Doubt it will be with a Cowboys team that is loaded in the backfield.

They say that going undrafted is really better than getting picked at the end because they can pick a better situation. Hopefully that is true for Henderson. I think there was some undisclosed medical situation that dropped Erin Henderson because he is certainly better than guys like Wheeler and Adibi. There were over 30 linebackers taken in the draft and only a half dozen were better than Henderson in college.