Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Kim cleared by NCAA

The appeal of the NCAA's initial denial of Maryland recruit Jin Soo Kim was granted and Kim will be eligible to join the team and begin practicing. His first public appearance will be the exhibition scrimmage this Saturday against Northwood. It appears whatever the stumbles that were made in the initial application process have been corrected. At least in this case it appears the NCAA did the right thing.

Kim will contribute to the squad very early this year. Gary Williams has already indicated he is the best 3-point shooter on the team already and he may be one of the best long range snipers in the whole conference. Even though Landon Milbourne is a decent outside threat and Eric Hayes is okay when he has the time and space to get his shot off Kim will add a new dimension to Maryland's offense. He is rail thin but at the wing, where he will mostly play this year, that isn't a big problem. He has good passing and ball handling skills for a 6'8" forward and will be a mismatch for most forwards in the conference on offense. Kim also seems to move very well away from the ball and I think he will flourish in the flex offense. While he may not have the bulk of some players that doesn't mean he doesn't like contact. He can slash to the basket, is aggressive in rebounding and will put forth good effort on defense. Kim is not some passive wing player who just wants to shoot jumpers all day. I am sure that if Kim had not been injured and played AAU basketball he would have been a top 50 recruit in 2009. He graduated high school in three years and is a good student. Kim will also have the distinction of being the first Korean player in NCAA history.

Here are some videos of Kim in action.


Anonymous said...

Thank god-we NNEEEEEEDDD a shooter. Nice post Esquire, as always.

Terpfreak said...

Esquire, I learned of your site from Turtle Soup, and I REAALY enjoy your well-thought-out posts. Keep it up. There are a number of us Terp Freaks reading it. Thanks!

Moe Greene said...

Tell me Jai Lucas is coming home, too?

Esquire said...

Thanks for all the kind words. I'll post some thoughts on the team after Saturday.

As for Lucas I think there is no chance he will end up at Maryland. Depending on how Bowie and Tucker play this year it may be a crowded backcourt next season when he would be eligible.