Monday, November 24, 2008

Vasquez ACC POW

Maryland fans may not appreciate Greivis Vasquez but the ACC certainly does. After averaging 27 points, 8.5 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 steals the junior was awarded player of the week in the ACC. His 3-point basket with six seconds left in regulation tied the game against Vermont and allowed Maryland to go to overtime where they promptly demolished the Catamounts with a 17-2 run. Vasquez certainly didn't play well the entire game and went back to his turnover prone ways at certain points but his two 3-point baskets were the dagger to Vermont's hopes at pulling an upset. Adrian Bowie had an excellent overtime period and finished with 17 points and 6 rebounds. Hopefully this will convince the coaching staff to give Bowie a more prominent spot in the rotation. I think playing Vasquez and Eric Hayes 42 and 35 minutes respectively isn't a good thing. Landon Milbourne showed he still has a ways to go with his defense as Marqus Blakely (23pts 11 reb) abused him for most of the night until Milbourne fouled out. Dino Gregory came in and played decent but not great defense against Blakely but he only grabbed 2 rebounds in 23 minutes. Cliff Tucker struggled as he did against Youngstown State even though his stat line looks decent. Tucker needs to develop more assertiveness when he is on the floor. Sean Mosley made a few early mistakes and got banished to the bench after only a few minutes. Let's hope that was a one time occurrence. Braxton Dupree struggled again but there were some positive signs, 6 rebounds in 8 minutes, but he got benched after struggling on defense against the smaller and quicker Vermont front line.

The Jerome Burney mystery continues from last season as he only saw two minutes against Vermont.

Dave Neal struggled in regulation with some poor shooting and rebounding but sunk two big 3-point shots and played inspired defense against Blakely in the overtime. It is an open question if Neal can be that effective in the ACC but against mid-major teams he can play in the post.

Jin Soo Kim played extensively in the overtime but didn't record a point or rebound. It was nice to see further evidence that Kim isn't just a chucker.

Vermont was clearly gassed in the overtime and the defensive effort that got them the lead in the 2nd half disappeared in overtime. Their legs were gone and none of their jump shots were falling. I jokingly said to my brother after Vasquez's 3-pointer put Maryland up 77-72 that "Vermont doesn't score again" and they almost didn't.

Vermont was clearly better than any of Maryland's previous opponents and exposed some things for the Terps to work on going forward. I don't think the game exposed any fatal flaws but maybe it brings the team down a few pegs. There are some aspects that need serious attention in the coming weeks. They'll need to play much better this week during the Old Spice Tournament.

Offense: 112.4
Defense: 92.2


terpsfan said...

If Vazquez doesn't commit an offensive foul on the second to last possession, he doesn't need to make a crucial 3-pointer at the end of the game. Again, you get what you get with Vazquez, which is a very good player, who tends to make many out of control mistakes.

Esquire said...

And if Vasquez doesn't score 28 points Vermont walks away with a win. On a night when practically no one outside of Adrian Bowie played well he saved the team form a damaging loss. Prior to overtime the second highest scorer on the team was Milbourne with 13 points. The idea that you would be more successful with "steady" players is a fallacy. You'd lose and lose often.