Thursday, November 06, 2008

Moten probable

Linebacker Adrian Moten will return to the lineup tonight against Virginia Tech tonight after recovering from his wrist surgery weeks ago. He will play with a cast so it remains to be seen how that will effect his ability to tackle. Moten will help if Virginia Tech plays one of their mobile quarterbacks and in the pass defense if pocket passer Sean Glennon plays. Having Moten spy Tyrod Taylor or Cory Holt in obvious passing downs may cut down on the long scrambles that plagued the Terps defense against NC State.

In a bizarre twist Gus Gilchrist was granted a hardship waiver by the NCAA and will be eligible to play at South Florida this season. His svengali Terrelle Woody has already been hired by South Florida's coaching staff and got in trouble by conducting professional training sessions in violation of NCAA rules. Obviously Stan Heath, the former Arkansas head coach, is on his way to creating a sleazy bottom feeder program at South Florida.

Meanwhile Jin Soo Kim had to fight to get cleared to play at Maryland? Got to love the NCAA.

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