Friday, August 18, 2006

2006-7 Basketball Schedule

The schedule for the men's 2006 season was released yesterday and for a program that has been suffering the last two seasons it must give Gary Williams a sense of hope. With the rotating basketball schedule it is one of the easier set of league opponents for this season. It breaks down like this:

Home & home:
NC State
Florida State

One game @ home:
Georgia Tech
North Carolina

One game away:
Boston College
Virginia Tech
Wake Forest

The early schedule is even more attractive. After a visit to Boston College to open the season Maryland plays the next two games at College Park. While Clemson and Virginia may be improved teams the first half of the schedule doesn't present a difficult road. The next seven games after the opener do not present a single opponent that made the NCAA tournament last season. It is a good schedule for a team that will need time to find its identity and incorporate five new players.

The notable out of conference opponents consist of Illinois, Notre Dame and perhaps one or two of Michigan State, Texas or St. John's. That will depend on the results of the 2K Sports College Hoops Classic. It is a well balanced and manageable schedule for this group.

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