Thursday, August 17, 2006


Former Maryland basketball star Lonny Baxter was arrested early yesterday morning near the White House after uniformed Secret Service agents responded to reports of gunshots nearby. The agents found shell casings and a 40 caliber handgun in Baxter's SUV. Another man in the SUV was also arrested and later released. This isn't the first time Baxter has gotten into trouble with his amateur gun slinging. He was arrested in July 2004 after the handgun he owned accidentally discharged in Northwest Washington.

Baxter is being held without bond and faces up to seven years in jail if convicted of all charges. He had recently signed a contract to play professional basketball in Italy after the NBA Charlotte Bobcats did not renew his contract.

Clearly Baxter can't be around guns without them going off so perhaps he should just not have them around all together.

At the least he and his former teammate Chris Wilcox, who was arrested on a weapons charge that was later dropped last year, shouldn't go out with loaded guns in their cars. Especially when going into DC, which prohibits possession of firearms in almost all cases. Eventually you'll end up in jail or worse.

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