Sunday, August 13, 2006

Remember Jordan Steffy?

The Washington Post had a good article on backup Jordan Steffy today. Steffy is now considered the backup to starter Sam Hollenbach but some of the coaches have suggested that the competition is still open and that Steffy has a chance to finally ascend to the starting job.

Remember back a few years ago when Steffy committed to Maryland out of Lancaster Pennsylvania. He was the highest profile quarterback recruit of the Fridge era and perhaps the next Joey Hamilton. He was strong and athletic in the mold of the prototype Friedgen QB and he looked like the kind of 18 year old stud you want walking onto campus. Perhaps the announcement shenanigans he engaged in gave you a little twinge of apprehension, he pulled out a Michigan State Jersey first before saying he was coming to College Park, but things seemed to be going well for Steffy. The depth chart was fairly thin in front of him and he was the Big Man's hand picked signal caller. As the article alludes to there were whispers that he'd be ready to start a few games into the season, perhaps even right away.

Things didn't continue to look so bright for Steffy. After a spotty record in relief of Joel Statham his freshman season was ended by a concussion in the 55-6 massacre against Virginia Tech. He has battled arm and leg injuries since then and wasn't a serious contender for the starting job in his Sophomore season either. It looked at that point that perhaps Steffy will never fulfill the lofty expectations that many Maryland fans had for him. Fans are quick to move onto the next great thing and transfer Josh Portis and frosh Jeremy Ricker are the next great Friedgen quarterbacks. While Steffy will have tremendous competition if he can stay healthy, no small thing for him, I wouldn't be surprised to see him beating out both Portis and Ricker for the starting job next season. Besides that he seems to have matured into a kid who is thoughtful and decent who does your program credit in the community. His story hasn't been written yet, but I hope Maryland fans don't see him as a disappointment even if he never sees the field.

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