Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Most projections have Maryland anywhere from a 4 seed down to a 6 seed in the coming NCAA tournament. Interesting note that since 1985 the 6 seed teams have a better opening round record(61-27) than 5 seed teams (59-29) a better 2nd round record, 34-27 compared to 31-28, and a better Sweet 16 record, 12-22 versus 5-26. Now part of the is explained by the fact that 5 seeds usually end up playing a powerful 1 seed in that round but it is an interesting fact that the 6 seed historically has a better overall record than the higher 5 seed.

Now Maryland faces Duke tonight at Cameron with both on good win streaks, the Terps with five games and the Blue Devils working on a four game run. But the win streaks are not the same as Duke beat a fading Boston College and Clemson along with Georgia Tech and St. Johns. In contrast Maryland soundly defeated Duke, Clemson, NC State and Florida State in addition to North Carolina. Not quite the same. Still Duke is a solid team that will make you play well if you're going to get the victory. This will be a great battle and another measuring stick for the progress of this Maryland group.

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dcydell said...

the Terps up by eleven with 50 seconds to go in Duke land.....

that is a slaughter