Thursday, February 15, 2007

Terps get some love

Maryland climbed a little further out of their NIT abyss with the 85-70 win over NC State last night. Given that I had the finishing touches put on a root canal this morning (insert joke about watching Mike Jones play defense here) I'm not in much shape to give great analysis on the game. I'll try to write more this weekend about the win.

Maryland kept the Wolfpack close through much of the game with some poor shot selection and mistakes on offense. It wasn't until midway through the 2nd half that they were able to pull away. No need to downplay the win as NC State, regardless of their record, is a solid opponent that beat North Carolina and Virginia Tech recently. Maryland got excellent play from their backcourt, namely Greivis Vasquez and DJ Strawberry. The frontcourt struggled with foul troubles but got decent contributions from the bench. Dave Neal is solidifying himself as a legitimate member of the extended rotation. Bambale Osby also showed he can contribute when he isn't yanked back on the bench after one mistake.

Perhaps it wasn't an overwhelming victory but it was a fairly solid and focused effort on the road, probably the best road games since Illinois.


Jason L. said...

It's never easy being a Maryland fan. We finally have a winning streak in the ACC. This was indeed a very solid road victory. The team seemed composed and business-like, even when NC State tied it up. Atsure may have been hurt and sat out for an extended period of time in the second half, during a time when they needed him the most. That stretch really helped us pad our lead. said...

What I find most intriguing about the Duke and NC State games is Vasquez. He produced two outstanding career performances (I have been a big critic of him to date).

But more interesting is at home vs. Duke he played to the crowd, while on the road at NC State he was more subdued and business like.

Maybe I was wrong and he will not become the next Gary head case.

Bump up Hayes’ performance in the remaining games and the Terps may become the Cinderella darlings of the NCAA.