Sunday, February 25, 2007

Terps heel Carolina

Back at the end of January following a tough overtime loss at Virginia Tech Gary Williams said that if his team kept playing as they did in Blacksburg they'd be "okay" much to the confusion of many Maryland fans, your intrepid blogger included. Turns out Gary was right. After the win against North Carolina on Sunday the Terrapins now have won five games in a row and seven out of their last nine games.

It now appears that Maryland has ended its two year hiatus from the NCAA tournament by assuring at least a .500 record in the ACC. Not that this group seems to be content with that as they can now work on improving their seed in the Big Dance.

I'll have more on the game after I get a chance to digest what was a whirlwind game. Suffice to say that senior DJ Strawberry was the game MVP and has removed all doubt that he is the leader of this group.

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The guard play was poor, about a 1/1 a/to ratio. The defense gave up too much in transition, although they did have some sweet stops. Rebounding and line shooting made the day, as they should.

In an NCAA tourney run, a team has to win six straight: any team can have a bad night, (there are a few in NCAA history who could have won it all, but lost to a 12 seed in round two.)

But a team also can not coast in its last two regular season games because “it is in”.

Therefore, I expect a rebound from the Carolina off night and a slaughter in Duke Wednesday night.