Monday, February 12, 2007

Spoiled Rotten?

Excellent commentary by David Steele of the Baltimore Sun in today's edition. I'd say Steele is right on the money in writing Maryland fans have become sickeningly spoiled in recent years. For some reason many Terp fans feel like they are owed something, that the continued success of their basketball program has morphed into a birthright for the Red & White faithful. Apparently after the first Final Four appearance ever for Maryland followed up by the greatest season in the history of Terrapins basketball many fans assumed things would get easier for Gary Williams and the program he built. Problem was that many of the recruits who came onto campus at that time also thought things would be easy. The rest of the ACC didn't get that memo. Terp fans have gotten a lesson that they should have never needed in the first place, that winning a national title doesn't turn your program into a dynasty. Duke and North Carolina were not what they are today after their first national titles. It took decades of sustained excellence to arrive at the rarefied air they inhabit. Think that is easy? Go look at what Villanova, Arkansas, Georgetown and Louisville have suffered since their first national title. Did they "squander" their momentum?

I'm not sure when Maryland fans decided that they were entitled to harbor the same delusional expectations that are a part of places like Kentucky, Connecticut, North Carolina and Duke but they should all hope that the basketball gods are not the malevolent type. There may be some lean years once the Gary Williams era is over in College Park.

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