Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Fridge makes Navy cry

You'd think the Naval Academy would not have hired a crybaby as an athletic director but Chet Gladchuk (yes, that is his real name) is proving that we have a softer, more sensitive Navy these days. He claims to be "confused" that Maryland elected to play in the Champs Sports Bowl against Purdue last year instead of in the Meineke Car Care Bowl against Navy. You would think that Chet would be happy that Navy got to play in a bowl game against anyone, let alone Boston College (Chet's alma mater), but no. He was "disappointed" that Maryland opted to play in the higher profile bowl in Orlando in accordance with the wishes of the players. Maybe Chet would have been happier if Maryland had agreed to play in a third tier bowl in Charlotte while his alma mater got to play in a high profile game on ESPN? Interesting.

To be fair to Gladchuk, who before his current job was the AD at Houston, maybe he doesn't know how these things work. His claim to fame seems to be that his father was in the Navy and a football star at BC. After the BCS bowls the selection process is a popularity contest. You don't win any friends by snubbing the Champs Sports people because Navy's AD would like it if you came to play them. If Navy was interested in arranging an annual game against Maryland I'm sure Debbie Yow and Ralph Friedgen would be interested. Whining in the Baltimore Sun isn't going to help you out, Chet.

Perhaps I'm giving Gladchuk too much credit. Maybe he is more of a phony than a crybaby. Consider that before the 2005 game in Baltimore against Maryland Gladchuk had this to say about the rivalry between the schools:

Our focal point every season is trying to beat Army, Air Force and Notre Dame. Our game against Maryland is just another football game for us, one of 11 we play.

So maybe Gladchuk is just conjuring this "snub" to justify why Navy shouldn't schedule Maryland in the future. He seems overly bent out of shape about match up he called "Just another football game" just a few years ago. There wasn't much enthusiasm from Annapolis to continue the historic rivalry even after the success of the game in Baltimore. Navy coach Paul Johnson even went as far as saying that the game was not a "big rivalry" and that "people are looking for something in this game that's just not there." So in the face of those attitudes from Navy they now expect some kind of apology from Maryland for going to play Purdue? Ridiculous.

The 2005 game against Navy was a great contest with an atmosphere and pageantry that hasn't been present at a Maryland football game in a long time but it isn't worth dealing with a clown like Chet Gladchuk.

As Ralph Friedgen said, "He needs to get over it."


Anonymous said...

It's kind of jerky article and better much sums up why Navy shouldn't waste their time playing a school like Maryland.

Not too much class there.

Esquire said...

Yes, "class" would be mentioning all kinds of things in a newspaper that would be better said in private, if at all. Perhaps you can give Gladchuk lessons on class yourself, if not proper grammar. He doesn't seem to have a clue. He just makes himself and Navy look petty and stupid.

Navy can go in a different direction. I couldn't care less. They've had more than their fair share of scandals in the last ten years so I'm not sure where you get your comment about "playing a school like Maryland" from. My father was in the Navy for many years and I don't have any sentimentality where the Navy or Naval Academy is concerned.

Regardless of what happens between Navy and Maryland they would be better off without an AD who is an embarrassment like Chet Gladchuk.

homertuck said...

"Anonymous said...

It's kind of jerky article and better much sums up why Navy shouldn't waste their time playing a school like Maryland.

Not too much class there."

Don't know where you come off saying that "Anonymous." Guess you're still crying that you had to play in the poo poo tire bowl. Sorry that Maryland had to go get more money to play in a better bowl because we had a better year. What's next from you Navy folks? "We're disappointed that Maryland elected to play in the Orange Bowl this year rather than play Navy in the Insight Bowl."
Seriously, grow up.

BULaw said...

Maryland did what any other rational team would have done, they went to the best bowl they could. As Esquire pointed out, Navy downplayed any idea of a recurring rivalry. Gladchuk's comments are bizarre and embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Orange Bowl? Is that what they renamed the one in Boise? Because last I checked, the only time UMD made it to a BCS caliber bowl, they had to rely on other teams taking out the heavyweights in the ACC. UMD is at best a middle of the pack team in the less than stellar ACC.

The facts remain that BC held wins over both of the other 5-3 teams in the ACC last year (Maryland and Clemson). But the AD's at those schools begged borrowed and stole their way into bowls over Boston College.

Oh, and don't forget that UMD-Purdue pulled in less viewers in primetime ESPN coverage than an afternoon game between Navy and BC did. So not only do you have a worse team, you can't even pull in viewership.

NavyProudMaryland Grad said...

Its sad that you really are classless. As a UMD Grad I am still embarrassed that after 40 years a fellow UMD grad had still not grown up enough to be sorry for his actions as a very immature college student that started the 40 years divorce. Class was the way Staubach handle himself that day. I guess they will let anyone into my amla mater. I didn't even bother to watch the UMD bowl. In our house we watch real football and classy football. People who play the game for the love of the game. Big 10 football and Navy!Funny how Navy made it into the top 10 sporting events everyone should attend in their lifetime. Didn't see UMD mentioned at all. As for scandlesous players Ralph has always had his hands full! You need to grow up!

Esquire said...

I'm not sure whether your ridiculous sentimentality is just pathetic or rises to the level of satire. I have no idea what "classy" football would include. Whatever it is I doubt it includes having your starting quarterback accused of rape as happened with Navy last year. There are many fine young men who play football at Navy or who don't play any sport at all. There are also some not so savory people. Maryland's engineering department was not rocked by a massive cheating scandal like at the Naval Academy. So much for the honor code. I have known recent graduates of service academies and have a fair idea of what goes on there, unlike you. There are just as many problems there as at any college campus. It does not matter if you chose to believe that or not, it is reality.

I suppose you'd like to continue to live in the fantasy world believe exists. I could care less if you don't follow Maryland and the program is probably better off without someone so hopelessly naive as yourself as a booster. The fact that you refer to a conference with a member like Ohio State as "classy" has a whole other level of, in your case, unintentional humor.

I'd take some of your own advice and "grow up" yourself. Drop your childlike naivet'e. It just makes you look ridiculous and out of touch.

Freestater said...

It is interesting to me that all the pro-navy comments in response to the blog mirror the comments of Gladchuk, they are both self-pitying and self-righteous at the same time, quite a feet of narcissism! As esquire pointed out, it is amazing that navy supporters would throw around the word "classy" to describe navy. In addition to the more recent scandals at navy you might recall that many fine graduates of navy participated in the infamous Tailhook scandal. They certainly are officers and gentlemen! All of this because MD decided to go to a more lucrative bowl and after navy downplayed any possibility of a rivalry. Pathetic.