Thursday, August 23, 2007

Land of the Philistin

Junior linebacker Dave Philistin has been moved to the "Mike" or middle linbacker position with the injury to Alex Wujciak. Coaches seem to be impressed with his ability to pick up the new position. With incumbent Chase Bullock hobbled by an ankle injury it is a good insurance policy should Bullock not recover by the season opener. Philistin's rangy physique and impressive mobility are probably better served at an outside linebacker spot but All-ACC Erin Henderson and diamond in the rough Mosie Fokou have those positions on lock down.

Apparently Ralph Friedgen isn't too happy with frosh Tony Logan who could play either wide out or corner. Logan was one of the higher ranked players in last year's recruiting class. With fellow freshman Lansford Watson on crutches and Devonte Campbell in prep school don't expect too much early impact from the class of 2007. Ralph commented that "We'll probably see him in the spring.", oh boy. If this goes in the direction of the Bill Parcells route and Fridge starts calling Logan "She" we may have some issues.

In basketball news guard Greivis Vasquez held his own against the USA team last night. He was matched up on Kobe Bryant until Bryant got two quick fouls guarding him. Some of the early pressure defense by Bryant seemed to rattle him and he didn't shoot particularly well (3-11). Vasquez led the Venezuelan team with 12 points in 28 minutes of play. I'll have a more complete report once I get a chance to review the game tape. Vasquez isn't going to see any player in the ACC with a fraction of the talent of Bryant so that is a good sign. I expect even greater things from Vasquez this season.

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