Friday, August 17, 2007

Greenberg sweats

Things couldn't get much worse for Virginia Tech's basketball team could they? Well, yes they could, possibly much worse. Gus Gilchrist decides that he is too good to play for the Hokies and goes back on his commitment. Starting point guard Nigel Munson decides to transfer to George Washington via community college. Now the Roanoke Times is reporting that the highest ranked player of Seth Greenberg's 2007 class Dorenzo Hudson won't be eligible to play until after December at the earliest because he didn't finish some required classes. That is of course if the NCAA clearinghouse even approves him to enroll in the first place, which they have not done yet. Fellow freshman J.T. Thompson has not passed the NCAA clearinghouse either. Greenberg is watching the solid 2007 class, maybe the best class in Hokie history, disintegrate. If you consider Nigel Munson's transfer from the 2006 class then the cupboard might be pretty bare in Blacksburg.

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Freestater said...

VT will have a "good" year (meaning they would have a chance to make the NCAAs or have a winning ACC record) every 5 years or so and the rest of the time they will finish in the bottom third of the ACC. VT is 18-25 against pre-expansion ACC schools, including ACCT games since 2005. That's a .418 winning percentage. VT doesn't have the prestige, tradition or talent to challenge MD, WF, GT or NCST, much less UNC or Duke. In the long run they will be a losing program in the ACC.