Thursday, August 16, 2007

Whitlock blasts Thompson

This is an article that is a must read. Perhaps it isn't related to Maryland sports, except in peripheral ways, but when you have the kind of candor and fearlessness that Jason Whitlock shows in this article you have to take a look. Ronnie Thompson resigned as head coach at Ball State recently under the cloud of possible NCAA violations and counter allegations of racism among the administration and boosters at the university. He called the Mike Wilbon column in the Washington Post "irresponsible" and an "embarrassment" among other things.

He crushes the Thompson clan's attempt at spin control like a he was Chingachgook in Last of the Mohicans taking out Magua. You can read Whitlock here and the Mike Wilbon pretending to be John Thompson's hand puppet here.

Perhaps the most damning part of the article are the comments of former player Peyton Stovall who considered Ronnie Thompson's claims of racial hostility at Ball State "unprofessional" and that "It's never been that way..." in the five years he was on campus. He claimed that Thompson told all the players to not to trust in any of the white people on campus, with the possible exception of his lone white assistant coach.

Not surprising when you grow up at the knee of John Thompson who has made a career out of using racial street theater as a diversion from his own hypocrisy and to bolster his phony "pillar of the black community" persona.

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