Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Gary isn't pleased. After seeing the lower bowl of Comcast Center about 1/3 full and half of the student wall empty Williams threw in a snarky remark about "hoping some fans" will come to see the game on Thursday. Vintage Gary Williams. Maybe it is true that Gary has a monumental chip on his shoulder but it is then equally true that he can't understand why Maryland basketball is less important to the fans than it is to him.

The lack of turnout was sort of embarrassing I thought. It was bad enough at one point you could hear the Hampton fans heckling Maryland players on the foul line. To be fair the students that were there got very raucous especially at the end of the game when things tightened up. I suppose this in inevitable when you have a athletic department focused on squeezing every last penny from the basketball program so it can fund all its other endeavors and a waiting list for season tickets that is about ten thousand people long. I suppose after you've continually upped your Terrapin Club donations with the encouragement of the AD and ponied up the cash to buy season tickets you feel entitled to skip games that are not marquee match ups. In some ways I can't even blame that kind of thinking, however Maryland fans fancy themselves as supporters of an elite program and that isn't elite level fan support.

It seems like the players noticed the sparse attendance as well...

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