Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Gist and Milbourne suspended

Senior James Gist and sophomore Landon Milbourne will miss the opening game against North Florida on Sunday after playing in an unsanctioned basketball game in April. The game was a 5-on-5 tournament in Ocean City. The rules are very clear about not playing in these kinds of events so I'm surprised Gist and Milbourne made this mistake. They probably got talked into it by someone who should have known better. Before you say "Here we go again" this isn't a sign of an underlying problem. They made a mistake, like North Carolina's Raymond Felton did a few years ago when he was also suspended for a opening game, and after Maryland beats North Florida it will be forgotten. Not the way you want to begin the season, I'll grant you that.

It is always nice to hear that there were decent folks at this tournament who ratted out the two players to the NCAA immediately. Maybe we can get some of these honest people to take a visit to UConn or Syracuse. Also nice to hear that the Athletic Department still has a bunch of clowns on staff. I was worried that they may have hired some competent people in the off season. The basketball team wanted to withhold the announcement until Saturday but somebody who wanted to appear important with the media leaked the news. Well done, jackass.

You always want your players to get as much game experience as possible and with only two games until the Terps play UCLA, assuming they take care of business, it isn't a great time to be suspended. It will give some of the freshmen more playing time if you want a silver lining. Maryland plays Concordia tonight in an exhibition game. With Michigan State and Ohio State losing exhibition games the last few days it isn't one to overlook.


Anonymous said...

can anyone comment on this "unsanctioned" event? what makes an event unsanctioned? do they get free shoes? jerseys? nba scouts watching?

any enlightment into this? I can't find anything on this particular tournament.

Esquire said...

Bylaw 14.7.2

An unsanctioned event is anything not approved by the NCAA. Any player who participates in "organized basketball competition" that is not sanctioned can be punished.

Organized basketball competition is characterized any one of the following:

1.Regularly formed teams or predetermined rosters

2. Competition scheduled and publicized in advance

3. Official score is kept

4. Individual or team standings are maintained

5. Official timer or game officials used

6. Team uniforms are used

7. Admission is charged

8. Team is privately or commercially sponsored

9. Competition is sponsored by anyone

Exceptions: HS Alumni games, Olympic, Pan Am, US national teams and others.

Anonymous said...

actually there was no "rat" down in Ocean City snitching on James and Landon. They told the coaching staff, which self-reported the violations to the NCAA.

Esquire said...

According to Heather Dinich, recently of the Baltimore Sun, there was...

They broke a rule because the tournament wasn't sanctioned by the NCAA. Gary Williams pointed out he knew immediately because several people were quick enough to rat out the Terps to the NCAA.