Saturday, November 17, 2007

Chant Rant guest blogger

Rich from has answered some questions about this Seminole team. You can check out his website here. He covers all things Florida State so you can go there and see what he has to say about the basketball team as well. Thanks to Rich for sharing his insights.

1. What is the status of Drew Weatherford? With Xavier Lee returning
what is the quarterback situation?
Apparently Drew has been cleared to play. But Xavier Lee, after two weeks of bench-sitting because of academic-related issues, appears to have lost his backup role.
The new number two is supposed to be Christian Ponder, who showed great promise last week at Va. Tech. When Drew was knocked silly, Ponder got his first playing time. He was surprisingly poised, mobile and on-target. That is, until late in the game when he finally began to play like the redshirt frosh he is, throwing INTs and fumbling. Yet many believe he's a serious contender for the starting role next year, due to all of the aforementioned advantages and his smarts. Ponder, the son of a former FSU d-lineman, has a very high GPA and almost 100 hours of credit for his short time in college.

2. What are your thoughts on the offense of Jimbo Fisher this year?
I give his play-calling high marks for some games, and am disappointed in others. However, the vanilla games earlier in the season are probably due to the players learning his system. The slow progress of the offense is still lights years from Jeff Bowden's predictable play-calling.

3. FSU always has great defensive players. What new name will Maryland
fans need to know before Saturday?
Probably linebacker Geno Hayes. Injured at mid-season last year, Geno didn't play against Maryland. He's become the playmaker and emotional leader of the defense. Another new name is Budd Thacker. A little undersized for a defensive lineman, Budd plays far bigger than his height and weight.

4. With a showdown against Florida coming up how do you see the
Seminoles playing on Saturday?
Good question. Will last week's loss to the Hokies and next week's big rivalry game mean a lack of focus against the Terps? Key injuries will also effect the team. But it will also open the door for some newcomers who are eager to show what they can do. If Maryland plays like they did against B.C., it could be a long afternoon. Especially since FSU often starts slowly.

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