Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Eagle Eye

It is that time of the year here at Turtlewaxing. The annual appearance of a the author of Eagle in Atlanta must mean the game against the boys from Chestnut Hill is here. Bill's annual arrival has almost taken on the quality of Groundhog Day as BC has trounced Maryland in each of the last two seasons. In preparation for the game Bill was kind enough to answer some questions about his Eagles.

Turtlewaxing:Are there any significant injuries that may effect the way Boston College prepares for the Maryland game?
Bill: The most significant -- especially given that it is the Maryland game -- is Senior LB Jo-Lonn Dunbar. As most Maryland fans remember, Dunbar has run back three TDs against you guys the past two years. He sprained his ankle against Florida State and has been on crutches since. His replacement is Mike McLaughlin. McLaughlin is solid, but not nearly the play maker Dunbar is.

Turtlewaxing: For a group that has been characterized as a nondescript bunch the receivers for BC seem to be very productive. Who are Matt Ryan's clutch targets?
Bill: His big play WR has been Brandon Robinson. Robinson had a few drops early in the season, but has been very clutch since. He made some really big catches in the VT comeback and went over 150 yards in receiving against FSU. The other guy sure to see a lot of passes is Tight End Ryan Purvis. Purvis is very good at finding open slots in the middle and probably has the best hands on the team.

Turtlewaxing: Rookie head coach Jeff Jagodzinski has been very steady in taking over for Tom O'Brien. He certainly has opened up BC's offense with a 60/40 pass to run ratio this season. How would you sum up his coaching style this season?
Bill: I don't know if Jags has a true style yet. We've been much more aggressive on offense. The defense is actually very similar (and is coached by an O'Brien holdover, Frank Spaziani). The biggest difference in the new staff is the enthusiasm. That might not seem like a big deal or a difference maker, but BC fans are finding it very refreshing. Tom O'Brien wasn't known for cracking smiles.

Turtlewaxing: How did Florida State have success attacking the Eagle defense?
Bill: Florida State didn't really do anything special. They used their superior athletes to make plays. There wasn't much blitzing or any unusual looks. In the three turnovers, it was really just one 'Nole making a play that few could. Watching the game, you would never know FSU had lost three games. They still have plenty of talent.

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