Friday, December 05, 2008

Early Christmas

Breaking news that defensive coordinator Chris Cosh will leave Maryland to take over the same position at Kansas State where he coached under Bill Snyder. I'm not tooting my own horn when I say I voiced scepticism of the Cosh hire three years ago. While Cosh was a decent recruiter the last few years that didn't make up for his abysmal game plans and inept schemes. In his three years as defensive coordinator Maryland finished 10th, 9th and 9th in total defense and had an average finish of 8th in scoring defense. It is possible that the Terps might lose a recruit or two over this move but in the long run it would be a trade off worth making. Now let's hope that Debbie Yow won't play it cheap like she did with Cosh and spend the money to hire a real defensive coordinator.


FREDTERP said...

ESQ which potential coordinators do you see on the horizon. FREDTERP

James said...

screw you and get a life our defense kept us in games this year while our offense lost them for us i.e. turnovers! do u even watch the games or just read the stats, box scores, and rankings online?? where did u even play/coach college football at i would love to learn about your amazing expertise.

Esquire said...

I think the signs are currently pointing towards Al Seamonson getting the play calling duties in the bowl game. Given the frugal nature of the athletic department I doubt there will be the budget to go after any "hot" coordinators. If they had the money I'd love for them to go after Tyrone Nix at Ole Miss but that won't happen. Not that I think Seamonson is a bad choice. It all depends on his philosophy.

To little Jimmy, yes I watched all the games this season. You must have missed the Middle Tennessee, Virginia, Virginia Tech losses. Did you see how Virginia Tech's Bud Foster shut down BC's offense in the ACC title game the week after Maryland gave up 21 points (minues the interception return for a TD) to a backup QB? The Hokies have one of the worst offenses in the ACC and their defense did fine all year. Boston College also had a mediocre offense and yet their defense did better than Maryland's all season.

The offense certainly wasn't great all season and didn't help the defense very much except in the California, NC State, Wake Forest and North Carolina wins. Keep using the tired excuse that the offense was the cause of the defense getting outwitted on a weekly basis.

I don't think the lack of turnovers or sacks has anything to do with the offensive woes but if you want to use some flawed logic to make that case knock yourself out. There is a good reason that Cosh is now on his fifth job in ten years.

Porter said...

Esq, i think you've touched on this before, but why wouldn't the school look to Dave Sollazzo for a DC? He seems to really be a favorite of the players.

Esquire said...

I like Sollazzo and he is very good at his role in recruiting and on the defensive line. I'm not sure about his credentials as a coordinator, though I wouldn't rule him out. A major sticking point is the level of compensation that the school will offer. I don't think they are going to offer enough to attract a upper tier candidate.