Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holiday Hiatus

I've been away on holiday vacation the last week or so as I suspect some of you may have noticed. Not much has been going on in regards to the Terps the last week or so. Maryland defeated American and Bryant in basketball and everyone is frantic that this team isn't rebounding well. I'm not very worried about a game that Maryland won by 20 even if they didn't dominate on the glass. Rebounding won't be a strong suit all season but I doubt if it will contribute significantly to the fortunes of the team. The shooting of this group is far more important in deciding if they win or lose. If they have a bad shooting night they'll likely lose, regardless of their rebounding stats.

The football team plays Nevada tonight and there are rumors that the team could be short a few players going into their bowl game. We'll have to see what happens tonight. A loss would really sour this roller coaster season.

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