Thursday, December 03, 2009

ACC News & Notes

  • Maryland's loss to Wisconsin doesn't look as bad this morning, does it?
  • I was surprised at how impatient Duke looked at times on offense. They still get after you on defense but their steal percentage this season is 7.9 down from 12.1 last season and currently ranked 270th in division I. It is early in the season but right now Duke is not feasting off turnovers like last year and their offense is suffering.
  • Andre Dawkins will be a royal pain once he figures out how to do more than shoot 3's.
  • Why are pundits impressed with Miami's 8-0 record? Their strength of schedule is 297th in the nation. Their best win is at home against a Minnesota team that is 4-3 overall. Coach Frank Haith certainly gets the cupcake schedule award this season. I have a feeling once ACC play starts they will get exposed.
  • Florida State's offense is dreadful. Without decent guard play the Seminoles will struggle to compete in the ACC. Their defense and imposing shot blockers will keep them in games.
  • Right now the bottom of the league is: Virginia, N.C. State and Virginia Tech.
  • How could Clemson blow a 22 point lead? If they don't force steals their offense is very ordinary. Trevor Booker has become one of the most overrated players in the ACC. I like Oliver Purnell but he botched the end of the game by failing to call timeouts on critical possessions.
  • There are a slew of decent but unimpressive teams in the ACC this season. There might only be three NCAA bids outside of Duke and Carolina. Right now none of the rest of the pack has any impressive out of conference wins so the league schedule takes on even more importance.
  • Notable non-conference games left: Villanova vs Maryland, Wake Forest @ Gonzaga, Wake Forest vs Xavier, N.C. State @ Marquette, Duke vs Gonzaga, UNC @ Kentucky, UNC vs Texas

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Villanova Viewpoint Publisher said...


I'm a Villanova blogger, and I've written two pieces on the game tonight. I've also included a link to your Tweet about Gary Williams saying on the radio, that the series will return to Villanova next season - it's in the beginning of the preview, if you'd like to take a look...

Here are the two links - one is a preview, the other is a look back at the three previous contests in the series. We played twice in 1985 against Len Bias (Maryland won in the regular season, Villanova won in the Sweet 16, en route to the national title). And Maryland was the opponent when we opened our on-campus venue the following year.

Here are the links, if you're interested:

Preview - Villanova / Maryland this evening

Villanova / Maryland Series History