Tuesday, December 15, 2009

UNC: Move along, nothing to see here

If you were thinking it would have been appropriate for North Carolina's administration to step in and admonish Roy Williams for his misguided attempt at crowd control during the Presbyterian game the other day you'd be wrong. The Tarheel administration chose to go in a different direction. They decided to try to paint Presbyterian fan Brian King as a uncooperative drunk while at the same time denying that Roy Williams requested that King be removed in the first place. According to UNC's PR toady Williams thought that King was sitting in seats that are reserved for guests of the basketball office. King claims that the three police officers sent to investigate what seat he was sitting in and if he had said anything negative about any Tarheel, living or dead, told him that he was in, "Roy's house, and when Roy says you need to go, you go." According to King he was never even asked to produce a ticket for the seat where he was sitting even though though he had several in his pockets from no shows. North Carolina spokesman and constitutional scholar Steve Kirschner seemed to imply that King should be grateful because he wasn't arrested and charged with anything. See, you were lucky Brian, you could have been arrested and jailed for trying to distract Deon Thompson during a free throw. Thank god we live in America! U-S-A! U-S-A!

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Anonymous said...

Too many sports "personalities" have an excessive sense of entitlement. Many seem to approach both the pomposity and irrelevance of entertainment "celebrity" figures. But many academic institutions place a greater value on the dollars they can bring than on the value system to which the same institutions claim to adhere, and from which they derive.