Monday, December 14, 2009

ACC News & Notes

North Carolina coach Roy Williams (aka Huckleberry Hound) apparently does not believe in the 1st Amendment. The aw-shucks good ol' boy coach of the Tar Heels had the Dean Dome security eject a Presbyterian fan who heckled Deon Thompson as he was shooting free throws. You would think a fan would have to say something fairly bad to get ejected or to get such a reaction from a coach of the defending national champions as they coasted to a 103-64 win at home. According to the North Carolina media the fan said, "Hey Deon, don't miss it."

That apparently was over the line for Roy Williams who lost his mind and became fixated on instructing security to remove the fan. It is embarrassing that Williams reacted the way he did and more embarrassing that the event staff listened to the irrational Williams and removed a fan for saying something so innocuous. Instead of apologizing afterwards for his unhinged behavior Williams had the gall to suggest that the media were the ones who were overreacting. To quote the Tarheels dictator head coach:

 Let's don't make it a bigger thing than it is. But I just don't think anybody should yell negative things toward our players (when) you come in on our tickets to watch our game.
So every member of the media and every fan who attends a game at the Smith Center should be put on notice that if Roy Williams thinks you are being negative he feels within his rights to have you removed from the attendance for which you paid. I suppose winning two national titles at Carolina gives you a fair amount of power but I had no idea that in Chapel Hill that also includes the ability to censor fans in your arena. Let's not forget this is the same guy who implied that Michigan State's Delvon Roe had lied to him when he chose to commit to Tom Izzo instead. After that kerfuffle Williams went back to his now familiar spin of accusing the media of making more of the story than was justified as he did after the heckling incident when he admonished the media telling them "don't make it bigger than it is." I mean it wasn't as if Williams had made the allegation against a 20 year old in his autobiography or anything.  Williams now seems to have the idea that no only can he remove spectators for saying anything he doesn't like but he should be able to bully the media into reporting on on what he thinks is legitimate. It seems Williams thinks that the Smith Center should be something closer to North Korea than North Carolina and it would be a shame if the University officials there don't give Williams a public reprimand.

Williams will likely get away with this because he is usually obsequious with the media and he has a built the facade of being a soft spoken and unassuming good old boy. If Mike Krzyzewski did something like this the anti-Duke zealots would be all over it but because Williams is great at putting forth a phony public persona it probably won't get much negative attention. Let's not forget this was the same man who cursed at a reporter on national TV (our own Bonnie Bernstein) because she asked a fair question that he didn't like. In sports nothing irks me more than a person who is a phony. Like him or not there is nothing phony about Gary Williams. He doesn't pretend to be something else and doesn't spend time trying to curry favor with the media. He may have gotten a little complacent after his national title but he's never cursed at a reporter on national TV, called a recruit who spurned him a liar or tried to be the ultimate dictator in Comcast Center and he's heard far worse at his home gym than anything Roy has in the last few years. Roy Williams is a damn good recruiter but it isn't just a coincidence that he is also one of the bigger phonies in college basketball.

In other news Boston College dropped another nonconference game at home this time to Rhode Island which is the second in a row and their fourth loss of the season. The Eagles play UMass and South Carolina before getting back to ACC play against Clemson in January. Good thing they beat an overrated Miami to open the season.

Virginia Tech got a good win, at least by Hokie standards, against Penn State but their nonconference slate is devoid of any impressive wins.

Cincinnati lost in double overtime to rival Xavier. Villanova's lack of defense finally caught up to them as they lost to an underrated Temple squad in a Big 5 game.

This weekend will be a big test for the ACC as UNC plays Texas and Duke plays Gonzaga in New York City.

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