Monday, December 05, 2005

ACC football season review

I won't hide from my predictions so let's review what I had said about the 2005 football season in the ACC. Here is my predicted order of finish and the actual record:

Predicted Actual
1. Florida State 7-4 (Florida State 7-4 )
2. Boston College 7-4 (Boston College 8-3)
3. Maryland 7-4 (Clemson 7-4)
4. Clemson 6-5 (NC State 6-5 )
5. NC State 5-6 (Maryland 5-6)
6. Wake Forest 4-7 (Wake Forest 4-7 )

1. Miami 10-1 (Virginia Tech 10-1 )
2. Virginia 8-3 (Miami 9-2)
3. Virginia Tech 7-4 (Georgia Tech 7-4 )
4. Georgia Tech 6-5 (North Carolina 5-6 )
5. UNC 3-8 (Virginia 6-5)
6. Duke 2-9 (Duke 1-10 )

So my biggest errors were Virginia Tech (3 games), Maryland (2 games), UNC (2 games) and UVA (2 games). I was surprised Vick played as well as he did. I expected him to play like he did against FSU and Miami the whole year but he only saved those turds for the big games. Virginia really underachieved with a senior QB and a bunch of returning players but injury and NFL defections hurt more than I thought they would. UNC was a surprise team. They were quite good for being relatively young. I probably got caught up in the Sam Hollenbach euphoria too much. The injuries to Heyer, Allen and Henderson were maybe more important than they seemed. For the most part I was pretty close either dead on with Wake and FSU, or only one game off for the other seven teams. Not great but not bad either. No worse than the ACC media hacks who get paid to cover these teams.

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