Friday, December 09, 2005

How's that working out for ya?

Is this as close as you'll come to an admission that he was wrong from Tom Knott? Apparently the Wizards are not better than they were last year and the departure of Juan Dixon hasn't improved their defense or offense as Knott suggested a few months ago. Antonio Daniels was supposed to be an upgrade over Dixon but he's averaging about half the points that Dixon is in Portland and is shooting worse, in most cases much worse, than Dixon from all over the floor. All this while playing more minutes per game. For this cretin Daniels ability to keep playing in spite of a field goal percentage that is abysmal only shows his "competitiveness". Uh, huh. I guess Dixon wasn't competitive even though he produced better numbers. Don't expect to look at the stats of the other "upgrade", Chucky Atkins, and have a favorable comparison to Dixon either. At least Knott didn't try to convince Wizard's fans that getting rid of Dixon and his "chucking" ways for two guys who can't shoot better than 35% from the field is a good thing. Not yet anyway.

Football News
So you thought the 5-6 season was a disappointment? Just wait till football signing day. Penn State has leveraged their impressive season and the efforts of the bitter little pied piper Derrick Williams into a very good recruiting haul in Maryland. Former Maryland leans OL Antonio Logan-El and DT Phillip Taylor are looking more and more likely to end up in Happy Valley. A highly rated linebacker Navarro Bowman, who was originally slated for Virginia Tech, committed to UPS this week. The 2005 season was a disaster in more ways than just on the field and the repercussions will be felt well into the off season. Maryland managed to hold onto DE Melvin Aleaze, who was in prep school this fall, but that only prevented it from being a disaster of Titanic like proportions. Maryland looks to lose out on all five Maryland seniors ranked in the top-100 nationally. I feel like the Maryland high school football scene is becoming very overrated but that is a bad sign for a program that hopes to upgrade itself and needs local kids to stay home.


Anonymous said...

They have signed Drew Gloster though. He is a big-time guy. If they could just keep the big in-staters in state we would probably be top 15 every year.

Esquire said...

Gloster was a nice pickup. Originally slated for Virginia Tech he didn't commit for months so you have to assume he wasn't all that excited about Blacksburg (who is?) and Vernon Davis' impending 1st round NFL draft rating just maybe played a role.

While Gloster is good I doubt he'll have the impact of Davis. Also keep in mind that Davis took two seasons before becoming a dominant player. Freshman receivers in Fridge's system rarely excell. So you're looking at 2007 at the earliest.

Now if he gets fellow Good Counsel LB Akeem Henbron to switch from Georgia, then it could salvage the class.

Moe Greene said... still lists Antonio Logan-El as a Terp. Also, has anyone heard anything additional about Ricker from PA? Who's the QB next year? Hollenbach? Steffy?

Esquire said...

Logan-El is still listed as a "soft verbal", whatever that means. He's reopened his recruitment and seems to be gravitating towards Penn State in the last few months. As with Gloster the school who had an early lead but doesn't get a commit for months is often not the one who ends up with a kid.

By all reports Ricker has had a very solid season. He doesn't play in a pass happy offense and lost his running back LeSean McCoy in September with a broken ankle. Most long time observers of high school football in PA have said he needs to improve his decision making, like all high school players, but has the skills of an elite QB.

I assume unless something unusual occurs that Sam Hollenbach will be the starting QB in the spring.