Friday, December 30, 2005

Rumors swirl around Belton

The "facts" behind the Kenny Belton recruitment are growing more uncertain by the day. The Baltimore Sun is reporting from anonymous members of the Maryland staff that Belton never received an offer from Maryland and is therefore not a commit. Belton's father and coach seemed to imply in a Greensboro paper that Belton had received an offer. Nothing is clear about these reports at the moment. The staff is not allowed to officially comment on players who have not signed a letter of intent, which means not till next year for class of 2007 players.

Two scenarios seem likely: there was a miscommunication between the staff and Belton's family or that there is something nefarious going on here. I'm not a conspiracy theorist but it seems odd that Belton came out of nowhere to garner a scholarship offer when Maryland is still going after some of the elite recruits in the '07 class. Maybe some people are trying to make it seem that Maryland is winding up its '07 recruiting so that it will reduce the competition for some of the elite recruits the Terps are still in the running for? Unlikely, but something to consider. The simplest explanation would be just a miscommunication. That wouldn't exactly make things honky dory when you consider the Shane Clark fiasco that occurred only a few months ago.

Around the ACC

Georgia Tech got routed by Utah yesterday 38-10. How could a team upset Miami just a month ago and get embarrassed like that in a bowl game? Answer: Chan Gailey is the coach.

Florida State linebacker A.J. Nicholson was suspended from the teams Orange Bowl game versus Penn State for violation of team rules. There is an ongoing investigation of a allegation of rape against Nicholson. Nicholson was also arressted in the off season for DUI and resisting arrest. This continues the great Bowden tradition of having to suspend players right before their bowl games. Great publicity for the ACC!

In basketball Virginia Tech goes on the road to play Old Dominion and NC State hosts George Washington. Old Dominion should be the favorite in this game as they are 4-0 at home with wins over Georgia, George Mason and DePaul, which are better wins that the Hokies possess right now. ODU also nearly upset Wisconsin earlier in the year and that is one of the toughest places to play in the nation. I'd be surprised if VT pulls off a victory.

The NC State game is more interesting. The high flying and slightly reckless style of the Colonials versus the plodding slow tempo of the Wolfpack. I doubt State's seniors will get rattled like Maryland's did, especially not at home. There will be some matchup problems for the frontcourt of NC State on defense. The Colonials are much more athletic at those positions. As always with State if their 3-pointers are not falling then they will struggle but I expect them to take better care of the ball and pull out a close win.

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