Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Men's soccer bags title

I'm not one of those guys that refuses to watch soccer. I thought the World Cup in 2002 was a very exciting sports event. At the same time soccer probably isn't likely to get me to turn off a Law & Order rerun on TNT. I did watch the last 40 minutes of the men's soccer national title game between Maryland and New Mexico, though it was an accident that I flipped on ESPN. It was a very physical match with New Mexico with lots of tackles and grabbing. Maryland's high powered offense struggled a little and made me more than slightly nervous but they played solid defense and freshman goalkeeper Chris Seitz was sensational, garnering comparisons to Brad Friedel. After their fourth consecutive final four in soccer Maryland broke through with its first soccer title since 1968. Along with the Field Hockey team Maryland now has two national titles already this season, not too shabby.

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