Friday, September 07, 2007

Making it worse

Why do administrators and bureaucrats often make situations far worse than they otherwise would be? According to Brandon Bullock, the student that quarterback Josh Portis copied off of, was warned by Office of Student Conduct Director John Zacker that he was "walking on thin ice" by discussing the incident with the media. Bullock has transferred to East Carolina since the incident. So why is John Zacker trying to pressure a student into not talking about the incident and implying that he may be disclosing information protected by federal law? It is either just a colossally stupid lapse of judgment or something more nefarious. As in politics the cover up is often worse than the original crime. Lets just hope they were not trying to keep the details of this incident from the media by trying to intimidate a former student into silence.

Let's put to rest any suggestion that Portis' punishment was too severe. The Code of Academic Integrity explicitly states that no student with an XF grade may represent the University in any extracurricular activity. No football for a year, end of story.

Some brief notes from the Villanova game. Steffy looked sharp and the receiver corps should be fairly good... Second year wideout LaQuan Williams will make some noise this year...Keon Lattimore still dances around too much. He even fell down on one hand off because he was bebopping and scating so much he lost his balance...The defense struggled with Villanova's spread offense. It makes me worried that West Virginia is coming next week...The deep middle of Maryland's defense is very vulnerable and Villanova's tight end exploited that flaw.

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