Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Odds and Ends

There is more fallout from the Josh Portis cheating incident. In the Diamondback the other student involved claims that Portis copied his answers on a pop quiz for the majority of questions. There doesn't seem to be much dispute as to these facts. It certainly shows a real lapse in judgment on Portis' part. He probably could have just failed the quiz and still maintained his eligibility but he chose the lazy way out and got caught. To his credit Portis seems to be taking his punishment like a man. Many college students cheat and it is probably much more widespread than anyone would like to admit, but that doesn't excuse Portis. I'm glad the university suspended him for the season. Portis said he won't transfer and will see time on the scout team again this year.

One of my favorite recent Terrapins got a nice job offer after leaving Maryland. DJ Strawberry got a one year contract with a team option for a second year if things go well. Strawberry will make the $427,000 rookie minimum for his first season, not too shabby. As Suns GM Steve Kerr said, "The fact that he spent four years in college as part of a very strong program with a winning tradition is important.”

Former Terp great Lonny Baxter was sentenced to 60 days in jail for firearms charges related to the shooting incident near the White House last year. He plead guilty to delivering undeclared firearms to a common carrier for interstate transportation, meaning sending guns through FedEx. That is illegal unless you have a Federal Firearms license, kids. He is lucky he didn't get prosecuted for the "straw" purchases he use to obtain the weapons. Straw purchasers are those that fill out the paperwork to buy a firearm on behalf of someone else, which is illegal as well. For that he could have gotten up to 5 years in prison. Baxter probably deserved more than 60 days in jail as straw purchasing is a serious crime that is responsible for most of the illegal firearms used in crimes. He is a very lucky man.

Al Skinner got an extension to remain as the head basketball coach of Boston College until 2012. Skinner is probably the best coach in the ACC outside of Krzyzewski and messieurs Williams though he'll have his work cut out for him with the departure of Jared Dudley. Skinner seems to find a way to win with unheralded players, just like Gary Williams.

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