Thursday, September 13, 2007

Terps run over

I wasn't surprised that Chris Cosh still didn't have any answer for West Virginia's running attack. Steve Slaton, Pat White and Noel Devine will make a bunch of defensive coordinators look foolish this season. The defense hung on as well as you could expect from a group that lacks playmakers with the exception of Erin Henderson. The deficiencies on the defensive line were apparent this year as they were in last season's WVU game. The game wasn't really even as close as the final score would indicate. It never felt like WVU was really threatened by Maryland even though the score remained close for much of the first half.

The bigger surprise was the emasculated offensive game plan. Clearly the coaching staff wanted to shorten the game and grind out the time of possession battle. Unfortunately Maryland doesn't have the talent to do that on offense, or perhaps the play calling didn't do much to help them. The plan didn't do a great job of keeping the explosive WVU offense off the field. The WVU defense slacked off a little at the end and allowed Jordan Steffy to complete some passes when the game was all but over. Perhaps if the coaching staff had opened up the offense earlier the Terps could have threatened instead of just scoring a meaningless touchdown with a few minutes left in the game.

There were some positive signs. The return of Rick Costa, DE Mack Frost making some plays off the bench, some potential in the passing game, and the ability to run the football.

More on what went wrong tomorrow...

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