Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Something's not kosher in Denmark

As the developments continue in the Terrence Jennings recruitment there seems to be something fishy going on. Not that recruiting is a sanitized and squeaky clean aspect of college sports, far from it, but this recruitment has taken a turn that is getting it much closer to the sewer.

Some examples of fishiness? Jennings coach at Mt. Zion wasn't even informed of his decision to revoke his verbal pledge to Maryland. The coach said it was in the hands of Jennings and his father. Then there were reports based on the statements from the coach at Mount Zion that Jennings was going to transfer to Notre Dame prep in Massachustets, a noted Rick Pitino funneling school, which Jennings later denied. The short question is cui bono, who benefits?

Take a look at the list of schools that Jennings has indicated he is considering: Memphis, Louisville, West Virginia, LSU, Kentucky, Connecticut.

As my brother said, that is a veritable who's who of cheaters in college basketball! If only Jerry Tarkanian was still coaching somewhere he'd be on the list too.

Maryland needs to run, not walk, away from these shenanigans. Quintrell Thomas is, based on the reports I've seen, a honest kid with solid academics. Maryland should lock him up and move on to the loaded 2009 class with Isaiah Armwood et al.

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