Friday, February 15, 2008

By the numbers

Team(ACC games only)Offensive RatingDefensive RatingRating Margin
North Carolina111.2100.910.3
Georgia Tech107.8107.80.0
Virginia Tech98.699.7-1.1
Wake Forest104.2106.2-2.0
Boston College108.9111.4-2.5
Florida State97.8106.6-8.9
NC State101.6114.3-12.7

Note that the numbers may not exactly add up since I rounded them after the calculations. Clearly Duke is the class of the ACC while Clemson is much closer to UNC than you would think(if two overtime games didn't convince you). Part of that might be the injury to point guard Ty Lawson. It seems the first four teams have separated themselves from the rest of the league. Also interesting that according to the numbers Virginia isn't the worst team in the league.

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