Monday, February 11, 2008

Terps getting noticed

Maryland's recent string of wins is getting some them some NCAA buzz. Now commentators are not mentioning the losses to Ohio and American as a modifying clause whenever the mention the win over North Carolina. Most recent is Andy Katz on ESPN's Weekly Watch. The Duke versus Maryland game this Wednesday is the biggest game in the league this week and will go a long way towards showing Maryland is not the same team it was in December. You can bet that Vasquez and Gist are going to be motivated for this rematch on national TV. The Terps have an advantage that only one other team in the ACC has and that is they know can go into Cameron and win. They have that confidence that only North Carolina has in recent times.

Krzyzewski mentioned in his conference call this week that Gerald Henderson is playing with a nicked wrist that was banged up against North Carolina. He was a really difficult defensive matchup for Maryland and it will be interesting to see who Gary Williams chooses to play on Henderson. He is too strong for a guard and too quick for most of Maryland's post players.

I know there is some differing opinions in regards to the gold uniforms, yellow isn't the official color, but I have grown to like them. Winning may have something to do with that but they are more attractive to me than the dreadful black uniforms they dragged out in the ACC tournament back in 2006. Players these days love this kind of stuff and if it gets them more excited to play the game then I'm fine with it.

Maryland is currently leading the league in ACC games in both field goal percentage (49.4%) and field goal percentage defense (41.6%).

Around the ACC
Clemson extended its history of futility in Chapel Hill the other night to 53 games. In a thrilling 103-93 double overtime victory the Tarheels showed a more poise and determination that they had all season. Quentin Thomas is still a train wreck at point guard but he settled down in the closing minutes of the game to get it into overtime. With Virginia coming up UNC might be able to ride out Ty Lawson's absence without too many damaging losses. They are much more ordinary without him but are still a solid team. Once Clemson stopped getting out in transition and UNC stopped turning the ball over the Tigers had little answer for the Tarheel's counter blows.


James said...

I love the throwback jerseys - they are throwback, by the way. I forget what decade, but it's around the 70s or 80s. Just because red and white are used the most doesn't mean that yellow and black aren't also official colors.
Oh, and Glockner on ESPN's Bubble Watchis saying that the OH, VCU, and Amer losses are looking less and less bad also as their profiles (RPIs) improve. So, that's a good sign too.

Anonymous said...

In the 1950s some oil co. published a brochure of the entire college football schedule, by school. They also listed team colors, and Maryland's was given as "Old Gold and White". So the throwback could be 50 yrs old?