Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Vasquez ACC POW

Greivis Vasquez was co-ACC player of the week along with Boston College's Tyrese Rice. The fiery Venezuelan averaged 22.5 points, 7.5 assists and 6 rebounds in two games last week. It was the first such honor for Vasquez and he was the second Maryland player to win the award this season along with James Gist. You never know what Vasquez is going to say in an interview and there is a lost in translation feel to some of his comments. He did have some interesting things to say to reporters the other day. A large section of his interview can be read in the Diamondback.

Vasquez is certainly aware of the criticism he gets from Maryland fans. His enigmatic style lends itself to a love and hate relationship from the fans. He'd probably be better off not talking to the media much. He can provide some great quotes and is always an interesting post game interview on television but his honesty sometimes works against him. Gary Williams pointed out on his radio show that fans tend to look at other guards around the ACC and notice all the good plays they make while focusing more on the warts of the players on their own team. Vasquez admitted that his summer experiences may have resulted in him trying to do too much on offense and being "selfish" at times. For a sophomore to place so much pressure on himself to lead a team is remarkable. Because he started for most of last season fans sometimes forget that he is only in his second year playing ACC basketball. When Vasquez came to College Park if anyone had predicted he would average 17 points per game and over 7 assists in ACC play by the time he was a sophomore most fans would have been ecstatic over that kind of play. His erratic play and questionable shot selection frustrate me as much as any fan but he is good teammate and an awesome competitor. Even perhaps the greatest point guard in Maryland history, Steve Blake, got more than his fair share of criticism during his career.

Who is currently the best free throw shooter on the team? That honor may go to Landon Milbourne who is shooting almost 90% from the line in ACC games. He has taken 28 free throws so it isn't as if he only has a few.

Watch the foul shooting tonight as I think Maryland will have some opportunities to get to the line often against Virginia Tech.

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