Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Terp links

Buster Sports on the Atlantic division prospects for 2009. Click here.

Who was most responsible for Maryland's failed possession down 64-61 in the Virginia game? According to them Gary Williams. Hard for me to disagree. 

ACC Sports Journal has an interview with John Fienstein that is worth reading. Part I and Part II can be found here.


Rik said...

Interesting take. It's probably true. That notwithstanding, how many of the 18 wins this Terp squad has achieved can can be attributed to Gary?

Did they lose because of that one play? What about the other 39 minutes? What about the two free throws that Bowie absolutely bricked just the minute before? If Neal is a split second faster under the hoop with that attempt at a George Gervin finger-roll that was blocked, it may have changed the complexion of the game.

I sound like I'm spinning, and maybe I am. Gary's responsible for getting his kids up and they just lost to a very bad VA team. It's hard to spin that into something good. But you give these kids to most other NCAA coaches and there's no way you get 18 wins. That doesn't speak well for Gary's recruiting, but you can't hang a guy on a single play.

Esquire said...

I don't think you are spinning anything. Gary deserves great coaching credit for what he has done with this squad. Not many other coaches in the country could have gotten the wins out of this group that he did. With an average coach this team probably would win around three or four conference games. Given all that I was shocked he didn't call a timeout in that situation. I don't think it is fair to say that play "lost" the game more than any play over a 40 minute game could ever be largely responsible for an outcome. With the game tied Maryland missed as good a look as you will ever get and then gave up a wide open 3-point shot. Having played so badly on the road and yet be in the game at the end must say something about the coaching job he did but that last sequence is what people will remember. Gary is so good at running plays after a time out it made it more painful for me. I am sure they probably would have scored if he had called a timeout to diagram something.

Rik said...

Did they have a timeout left before that play? I thought they were out.

Esquire said...

They had one timeout left that Gary called with 11 second remaining after Greivis missed that contested drive to the basket. Mike Scott got the rebound and was fouled by Landon Milbourne. Gary called the timeout before Scott shot his freethrows. I'm sure he had a plan for using it, hopefully after they had scored, but it didn't turn out that way.