Sunday, March 15, 2009

Terps get back in NCAA as 10 seed

Maryland not only gets back to the NCAA Tournament with room to spare as a 10 seed but gets a very nice matchup with California in Kansas City. More on the Bears tomorrow.

Enjoy fellow Terp fans!


FREDTERP said...

ESQ I look forward to your preview of the game. FREDTERP

terpsfan said...

It says a lot about this team, probably the weakest in regards to talent in many years, that they were able to make the tournament, while 3 of the past 4 years' teams were not. It would be even more amazing (though unlikely), if this team made the Sweet 16, while the post-championship classes never did (except for 03, which was started by five seniors). This team may have been in the ACC finals if Gary didn't inexplicably go into zone against a good outside shooting Duke team. But Gary did a great job this year and deserves a lot of credit.