Saturday, March 14, 2009

Terps awaken NCAA hopes

You could almost picture Gary Williams making a speech to his squad like Herb Brooks gave to his USA hockey team before playing the Soviet Union at Lake Placid so many years ago. If Wake Forest played Maryland ten times they might win nine, but not last night, not in this game, not with all that was at stake for Maryland. It is hard to not appreciate this group of players. Lacking the supreme talent of many other teams they find a way to win games that they probably shouldn't even if they also lose games they shouldn't. For the next week or so just forget all the legitimate complaints about the direction of the program and how Maryland has gotten to this point after reaching the pinnacle of college basketball. Those questions will still be there when this season passes into history. Until then enjoy this minor miracle because they are rare and it would be a shame to not embrace it, to squander a gift like this, because for fans these kinds of seasons have a sweetness that is unique and memorable.

It was a complete effort and one I'll have to write about more after the weekend but in the mean time you can read this story from the ACC Sports Journal about how Dave Neal, Landon Milbourne and Sean Mosley helped Maryland out rebound Wake Forest.

Buster Sports also has a summary of the game here. They feel Maryland has earned a bid and so do I. 


G said...

A 10 Seed!!! I love it. I never understood how Michigan was a lock weeks ago...and we were on the outside looking in. Same with Wisconsin. The committee did a good job with that.
However, how many Terp fans were nervous when they saw Arizona get a bid. I thought....oh crap...that was ours.

Esquire said...

As soon as I saw Arizona was in I knew Maryland had made it. I also knew the Terps would be at least an 11 seed or better. When I saw the Wildcats in there I knew St. Mary's or San Diego State were going to get screwed but I didn't think Maryland was in jeopardy. Turns out we were pretty safe. Wisconsin would have been out before the Terps.