Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Turbulent Times

The ACC Sports Journal has a very nice summary of the last few weeks of the season for Gary Williams not so merry bunch. You can see a free premium Terps Insider article by clicking here.

I'm starting to come around to the idea that this team may have overachieved but that in recent weeks they have regressed to the mean. You could easily give them credit for many of the close losses they have endured this season and they certainly would have a much better record but I think bad teams usually lose close games. Maryland may not be a "bad" team this season but they are certainly very flawed. The anemic offense keeps Maryland from blowing out any team, the largest margin of victory in the ACC was 11 points to N.C. State, and the average margin of victory this season was a mere 6.1 points. The average margin of defeat in ACC games this year was 13.2 points and even throwing out the 41 point loss to Duke as an anomaly the margin is still 9.75 points. Maryland had five single digit losses in the conference but also had five single digit wins so in essence I think this team ended with the record they deserved.


big sis said...

Come on, Esquire. Cover the women in the NCAA tourney.

this team even had the freshmen come through in the last minutes of OT in a championship game.

Esquire said...

I will do what I can but honestly I don't know much about the women's team and have not followed them closely this season. Depending on how the men finish out maybe I'll get the chance to watch some of the women's games.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any scouting report on Lance Stephenson who Vasques made him the missing piece to a title run next year? How close is he to signing with Maryland?