Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TW's All-ACC

The media announced their All-ACC selections the other day and there were not really any surprises or outrageous omissions. As Robbi Pickeral wrote on his blog at the Raleigh News & Observer the plurality of the members of the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association (ACSM) who do the voting for these honors are from North Carolina, fifty nine to be exact. Maryland only has two members out of the 128 voters which is only better than the one voter from Massachusetts. When you consider that Maryland was a founding member of the ACC that is much worse to me. South Carolina and Georgia have six and thirteen voters respectively even though the states only have one ACC member like Maryland. Virginia has 22, Florida 14 and there are 11 members with "regional or national" designation. No surprise that the voting is often skewed in favor of the North Carolina schools.

There isn't much arguing about the teams that were selected. I'm not sure who voted for Ty Lawson on the defensive team but their concept of defense must be letting your man dribble by you. For my money Toney Douglas is the Player of the Year in the ACC. Not only is he one of the best ball defenders in the league but he is the main scoring threat on his team. That is a rare combination.

Here are some additional thoughts on players around the league:

Most Underrated: F Joe Trapani forward Boston College, there is no way this modestly talented Eagles team would be in the NCAA tournament with Trapani's versatile floor game. His 20 points against Duke and 19 points against FSU punched the NCAA Tournament ticket for his team.

Most Overrated: G Jack McClinton Miami, sure he can get hot from behind the arc and is a great shooter with very deep range but what else does he do well? They basically have the same team back from last season minus Anthony King and this year has been an obvious failure. His defense is mediocre at best and he doesn't really make any of his teammates better despite his scoring ability. He is one of those rare players that shoots better from beyond 3-point range than from inside the line. If he looked for Dwayne Collins or Brian Asbury more then the Hurricanes would be a more balanced team and probably in the NCAA Tournament. Honorable mention F Jeff Allen Virginia Tech

All-Grunt Team
These guys don't do much damage in the box score but really make their team better.

Demontez Stitt, Clemson
Calvin Baker, Virginia
Sean Mosley, Maryland
Solomon Alabi, Florida State
Ben McCauley, N.C. State

All-Punk Team
These guys are either dirty players or preening jerks

Jeff Allen, Virginia Tech (two years in a row)
Chas McFarland, Wake Forest (also two years in a row)
Trevor Booker, Clemson (one of the worst preening big men in years)
Gerald Henderson, Duke (not as bad as Dahntay Jones but who is?)
Greivis Vasquez, Maryland (good natured but he crosses the line too often)

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